Management Consulting

We rely on our vision, outstanding people, and strongly embedded values to carry on our ambitious purpose.

Together, we foster human excellence and enhance organizations' transformation, to meaningfully impact their ecosystems.

Executing Our Clients Strategies

Phinest delivers added value when strategy needs to be turned into concrete programs and results. We strive to combine strategy and operations through a unique set of management services.

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Our Project Portfolio Management Solution

PPM Practice with

We are experts in bringing exclusive services in Project Portfolio Management. We offer our clients to benefit from our PPM software, D-Sight. Combining our services and solution, we enrich our clients' maturity in project selection, portfolio dashboarding, and resources management.

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At Phinest, we believe in cross-fertilization and we lead transformation in the 6 main sectors of the Belgian economy. Our services are primarily geared towards the BEL-20 companies, multinationals and Belgian SMEs with high potential. Our Belgian footprint relies on the homogeneity with our consultants and clients


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Bank & Insurance

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Join the Phinest Adventure

At Phinest, we value our people.
The combination of who they are, their skills and their experiences is shaping our success stories, helping our clients magnifying their ecosystems. We are proud of our Phinesters.

We have designed the perfect recipe to blossom our people and helping them to grow within their career :

  • Human-Centered Organization
  • Learning Culture
  • Projects with high impact
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