We believe in cross-fertilisation
and we lead transformation in the main Belgian sectors.

Phinest services are primarily geared towards the BEL-20 companies, multinationals, and Belgian SMEs with high potential. Our Belgian footprint relies on the homogeneity with our consultants and clients.

  • The banking and insurance sector is a crucial part of the financial services industry. It provides various financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and other organisations.

    Banks are financial institutions that accept deposits from customers and use those funds to make loans and investments. They also offer a range of services such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgages.

    Insurance companies provide coverage and protection against financial losses in exchange for a premium payment. They offer various types of insurance, including life, health, auto, and property insurance.

    The sector is highly regulated and plays a critical role in the overall functioning of the economy.

  • The pharmaceutical sector is a complex and highly regulated industry. Indeed, it is responsible for the discovery, development, and commercialisation of drugs for the treatment of diseases and illnesses.

    It includes a wide range of companies, from large multinational corporations to smaller, specialised firms. Those activities involve significant investments in research and development, clinical trials, and marketing.

    The sector is constantly evolving as new therapies are developed. Advances in technology and science change the way drugs are discovered and manufactured.

  • The retail sector refers to the industry involved in the sale of goods and services to consumers for personal use. It includes a diverse range of businesses, from small independent shops to large multinational chains.

    This environment is highly competitive and constantly evolving as consumer preferences and technology change. Retailers typically purchase products from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sell them at a markup to consumers.

    The sector is also closely tied to the broader economy. Indeed, it is affected by factors such as consumer spending, employment rates, and inflation.

  • The public sector in Belgium encompasses all government institutions and public bodies responsible for managing public affairs. It is organised around three levels of power: federal, regional, and community.

    Its main missions include administration of justice, social security, public health, education, and territorial development.

    The Belgian public sector is governed by strict laws and regulations that ensure transparency and accountability of public institutions. 

  • The transport sector in Belgium is an important pillar of the national economy. It includes modern and diverse transport infrastructure such as highways, railways, waterways, and seaports.

    Belgium is a strategic transport hub in Europe due to its central location and efficient transport network.

    The Belgian government encourages sustainable transportation by promoting cleaner and more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

  • The utilities sector in Belgium encompasses essential public services such as the provision of electricity, gas, water, and waste management.

    These services are provided by both public and private companies under regulation from the Belgian government.

    The Belgian utilities market is liberalised, allowing for competition among providers and increased price efficiency.

    Through incentive measures and environmental policies, the Government also encourages the transition to renewable energies and the reduction of energy consumption.

  • The telecommunications sector is an industry that provides various communication services and products to consumers and businesses. It includes companies that provide voice, data, and internet services through wired or wireless networks.

    This industry is highly competitive and rapidly evolving, with new technologies and services constantly being introduced. Telecom companies invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the competition and to meet the growing demand for faster and more reliable communication services.

    The sector is also highly regulated to ensure consumer protection and fair competition.

Our vision about clients portfolio

01. Development

We aim at projects with more added value both for its clients and the Phinesters. Indeed, thanks to a real expertise in some sectors, Phinest can build a stronger image. For the future, Phinest wants to develop an offer as close as possible to the flexible needs of clients.

In terms of services, we are constantly evolving. As a matter of fact, over the past years, we dived deeper in project and program management.

02. Sectors

Phinest has a systemic and multi-sectoral vision.

To do so, our consultants specialise in business lines, not domains or sectors.

We create synergies between sectors to enrich our partners with market experience.

03. Geography

In terms of geography, we will pursue our evolution in Belgium to become a reference in terms of management consulting. An extension to Germany or Luxembourg is not to be excluded.

From an international perspective, we want to deploy our solutions and expertise to accompany our clients beyond Belgian boundaries. In that sense, our partnership with d2X can be a real strength.

What our clients say about us

At Phinest, the feedback culture is really important. Indeed, receiving feedbacks allow us to continuously improve our services and the people we are.

You can read here-below what our clients say about our collaboration.

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